Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee is responsible for beautifying downtown Parry Sound. In 2018 a comprehensive Beautification Plan was created by the committee and presented to the DBA Board of Directors. The board passed a resolution to adopt the plan and implementation began.

The Town of Parry Sound partnered with the DBA and in 2018 and four in-ground gardens were built and in 2019 two parkettes were installed. In 2018 the DBA a received a Downtown Revitalization Grant and has used this money to buy new banners and environmentally friendly cigarette butt receptacles. A blade sign initiative, funded by this grant, is underway to replace the large metal overhanging signs on James Street with smaller blade signs.

The committee meets monthly and always welcomes new members who are interested in making downtown Parry Sound more attractive. If you are interested please send an email to with your interest.

View Beautification Plan


Events Committee

Events are a very important part of the downtown and the Events Committee is responsible for providing event recommendations to the DBA Board of Directors.

Some of the events are small community activations like Halloween in the Downtown, while others are large outdoor festivals such as the Annual Summer in the Sound Festival.  The Parry Sound Girlfriends’ Weekend is the DBA’s signature event which requires a large amount of planning and organization.

Although the Executive Director is responsible for the tactical part of organizing the event, the Event’s Committee plays a key role in deciding the overall look of each event, approving the budgets, coming up with new event ideas, and discontinuing events that have “run their course”.

If downtown events are something you are interested in and would like to join the Events Committee please send an email to with your interest.


Marketing Committee

In the fall of 2018 the DBA hired Gel Creative to design a Marketing Plan for the Parry Sound DBA. The DBA Board of Directors adopted this plan and started to implement it in 2019 using money received as part of the Downtown Revitalization Grant. In order to make this a smooth process a Marketing Committee was formed.

The committee has worked with Gel Creative to create a Post Event Checklist and Report template. Gel has also done an in-depth analysis of the DBA’s Social Media and completed a Social Media Audit. The committee has also just completed the large task of working with Gel to design this brand-new website.

In 2020 the committee will be working on a communication plan as well as additional marketing strategies.

The committee meets on a monthly basis and always welcomes new members who have an interest in marketing. If you are interested please send an email to with your interest.